Taylor Miller, 28, is a strong and passionate female surfer living again in her home of Byron Bay after several years travelling around the world and studying at the University of Sydney.

As a youngster, Taylor learned to surf under the wing of Rusty and the many international surfers who visited their bush home in the hills of Byron. She acquired her coaching licence with Surfing Australia in 2010 and has quickly gained a good reputation as a fun and energetic surf teacher. She is especially good with young children and women of all ages who feel inspired and encouraged by her passion for surfing and zest for life.

Taylor is very fascinated by the beauty of surfing and the culture in which it manifests. She completed a rare thesis in 2011 on Italian surf culture and the following year was a part of a surf/music/art film project called The Reef in collaboration with The Australian Chamber Orchestra. She has also travelled with the Surf Explore group who explore remote surfing locations around the world.

For all her flair, Taylor  is sponsored by Patagonia, a company which shares her views about outdoor adventure and sustainable living, and continues to frequently surf, travel and adventure in the winter season.

You will enjoy learning to surf with Taylor because she very much shares the unique Aloha spirit as does her father and has been passed on the many curves and bumps of the surfer spirit in which she evokes within her lessons, with or without Rusty by side.

byron bay surfing

Taylor on a surf adventure somewhere in Indonesia.

surf lessons byron bay

Taylor going hard in Java.