EDITION: 1 to 100
Giclée prints on Moab Natural Paper. All prints are supplied in matt & backed.
IMAGE SIZE: 26.5cm x 40cm (approx).

At the moment of this picture being taken Gerry is eying me almost asking by body language what the heck are you doing taking my picture. Gerry is perhaps the most enduring of the Hawaiian surfing legends and the epitome of understated cool. At this time he was Mr. Pipeline having taken over Butch Van Artsdalen’s spot of an aggressive approach and evolved it into the 70s way of groove, flow, and exuding a Zen philosophy into the raw pipeline tunnel… He turned speed on a wave into SloMo. His mentors of shaping are the greats of the 50s, 60s and 70s; Pat Curren, Mike Diffenderfer and especially Dick Brewer. He has also proven to be one of the most adaptable watermen of modern surfing able to leap surf genres in a single bound: Long board to medium to short board to stand up paddlers.