Dear Newfound Tribe!

Thank you, it was wonderful meeting you and we all appreciated your sincere approach to teaching our family. Our daughter has proclaimed surfing to be the only true sport, so it looks af if she/we will definitely return!

With our newfound love for surfing and my new passion for Vegemite, we are now applying for Australian citizenship. A big thank you.

Jakob & the surfermites, Denmark.

Thank you very very much for the precious lesson this morning. Especially “earth vibration” things were the ones I got encraved in my mind, on top of “look ahead”, albatross wings-like posture, real meaning of “trim”, perpendicular core torso etc. In my life,I have worked my butt off and come steadfatst up to now. So it was high time to relax. And there, I came across surfing. So and so is the background, I am learning indeed and slowly.

I really appreciate your great learning tips and above all your patience.

Sakae Gloria, Japan.
Hi Rusty,

Thanks again for taking care of Nancy today – she loved it.

We stopped off at Coolangatta on the way home for a surf – went great – she can’t stop smiling.

Kind regards

Garry Scott, Brisbane.
Hi there Rusty & Taylor,

We are about to leave Magic Byron now. My family, Carlo and I had a fantastic vacation. Every time we came to Byron is even better than the last.
Thanks to you I am totally stoked with surfing. I really enjoy every step up or down. Such a challenging art?…

We really enjoyed surfing this time. We’ve been everywhere, The Pass, Belongil, Main Beach, Broken Head, Lennox!

Best surfing session ever at The Pass on Saturday. Great shared wave Taylor!!!

Always a pleasure to surf with The Master at Little Wategos. Navigating the rocks all the way to the sand, like the old Hawaiians did.

Thank you very much!!!! I’m stoked.

Inigo & family, Spain.
When I first met Rusty, I was in my mid-fifties and I thought I’d left it too late to become a surfer.

Rusty gave me the confidence to try. Under his expert guidance I was soon riding the waves. Now I’m out there every chance I get.

Thanks for adding such new excitement to my life, Rusty!

Peter Singer, Melbourne.
Hi Rusty,

Thank you so much for my great surf tuition last week! I was absolutely over the moon with how much more confident I felt in the surf! It must be down to your great teaching! I have an interview tomorrow so I’m hoping to be able to stay in Byron and continue surfing!

Thanks again and that is absolutely fabulous about the National Geographic recognition.You have brought so much joy to so many for a long time and its good to see a bit of recognition for it. I have been guilty of watching you for years in the water, and have always walked away with a lighter heart after watching.

I hope to return to the water one day and Drop in on you. I am the 75 year old ex Submariner.

Bill Hosie, Brunswick Heads.
Dear Rusty,

so sorry it has taken me this long to pull your business card out of the suitcase. Thank you so much for a fantastic surf lesson. I have raved about how good it was and recommended you to any visitors.

Hope all is well with Team Miller and I can”t wait to get back to the pass ASAP.

Nick David
Hey Rusty,

just wanted to let you know again how great this morning”s surf lesson was As I said to you, I don”t think there”s been an hour in my life when I”ve learned as much as I did this morning. The combination of your instruction, and the Mickey Munoz board got me surfing like never before, albeit I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve now got the confidence to know I can surf andI’ll improve.


Don Johnson

don’t know whether you remember me…I came to Byron last month…I was the useless one at surfing. I want to thank you again for your lesson and for the joy I felt on the board, feeling the energy of the waves and being kinda part of that…I really felt the same bliss I usually feel when I do yoga or meditation!

So, thank you very much indeed, ’cause you made me discover a new universe I’d like to explore further.

Chiara, Hong Kong.
Dearest Rusty, Taylor and Tricia,

Thank you thank you thank you so much for the most magical experience, we LOVED our family surfing lesson, we had an incredible unforgettable time and will treasure the memories always. We are very grateful to you, for your care, kindness and wonderful energy, you made it very special.

Camilla, Rob, Lulu, Willow & Henry, Sydney.

just like to say a big thank you to Tricia & Rusty for sharing his expertise and knowledge, with Owen and Carlin. They loved the lessons and have gained confidence in the water. The boys are also pretty excited, that they got to meet Rusty and have a lesson with him.

Thanks again.

Thanks again. Aidan said Rusty was quite “the dude”, and he really enjoyed the session.

Best wishes.

Mary Ann