EDITION: 1 to 50
Giclée prints on Moab Natural Paper. All prints are supplied in matt & backed.
IMAGE SIZE: 40cm x 60cm (approx).
OUTSIDE MEASUREMENT: 85.6cm x 68.2cm

When the sun came out and you were surfing Lennox the day just seemed to float. Here, spending suspended long days cushioned by the thick green tufts of grass on the northern hillside of Lennox, is Tommy filming Sea of Joy, Sade and Nyarie, who opened the first women’s clothing shop, Neverlands, in Byron Bay. We all had dogs, Afghans (Cloud here was my Afghan) and Red Setters, farmhouses in the hills, were doing yoga and growing vegetables. We were the new tribe. Surfers were carving their new lifestyle niche into the very conservative, local community of the tough, working class town of Byron Bay.